Why Jansen Land Consulting?

1. Our role enables our clients to outsource work which keeps their firm's overhead low. We are one member of the Development Team which includes all the consultants and contractors. As such our fees may be passed on as part of the costs of development.

2. We provide the owner a sole point of contact and assist them in leading and managing the entire Development Team to achieve their objectives.

3. As a consultant we are able to provide continued focus and dedication to the tasks at hand without interruption. Employees at companies that manage their own land development work can often be distracted by various issues that may arise beyond the development responsibilities they perform. We are loyal to our clients and work as if we were one of their employees.

4. Our company brings a combined experience of over 100 years to the land development field. When you hire us you get vastly experienced personnel. We have encountered almost every type of issue that arises in land development and we have the knowledge, experience and demeanor to overcome those issues.

5. Our experience brings with it important relationships in the industry. We personally know most of the major players in consulting and contracting arena as well as the key jurisdictional personnel. Those relationships prove crucial in resolving problems and achieving results.

6. We possess a solid understanding of almost every jurisdiction in the DC Metropolitan area which enables us to help expedite the processing of plans and permits.

reviewing blueprints

7. We are well connected to the residential builders of the DC Metropolitan area and can make the introductions required to enable land owners to sell their assets to these second party users.

8. We are an innovator in the use of multiple consulting firms and general contractors to expedite the development of large Planned Urban Developments (PUDs). Examples of such communities include Faircrest and Laurel Hill in Fairfax County, Virginia, Fallsgove in Rockville, Maryland and the Crown Farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

9. We are well known and respected in the area.

10. All our associates are well spoken and written and possess the ability to communicate effectively to the general public on sensitive development issues. And we understand the need and importance of such communication.