Jansen Land Consulting: Celebrating 10 Years!Increasing Real Estate Value with Uncompromising Integrity

Jansen Land Consulting provides development management services in the areas of land acquisition due diligence, land entitlement, land development, and bond release for communities throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.

The goal of Jansen Land Consulting is to increase the value of the client's real estate by providing superior land entitlement and development consulting services with uncompromising integrity and character. These services are primarily offered to developers, residential and commercial builders, municipalities, equity funds, financial institutions or individuals with real estate interests.

The services include those of program manager or project manager. Depending on the complexity of the project, the company assembles the consulting and/or development teams and leads and manages them through the stated objectives of the owner. In instances where tasks are of a smaller nature, Jansen Land Consulting will provide these services directly. The owners of the company bring more than 60 combined years of experience in these matters, and as such, offer the client their knowledge of the process and their relationships with the consulting, contracting and local jurisdiction communities.